Polyplant Fruit

INCI Name : Polyplant Fruits is a complex of Raspberry, Apple, Peach, Kiwi, Papaya, Cucumber and Strawberry Extracts.

Product Description : Polyplant Fruits is a blend of different fruit extracts in a balanced combination of active compounds designed to achieve a product with moisturizing, antiaging and emollient properties. The moisturizing activity of Polyplant Fruits is due to its carbohydrates and α-hydroxyacids (AHA) content. Polyplant Fruits is highly recommendable to formulate cosmetic products aimed at preserving the skin and hair integrity from oxidative processes. Polyplant Fruits is recommendable to formulate anti-ageing, epithelising / firming cosmetic products, whitening cosmetic products.

Product Application : Actives - Skin Care & Hair Care - Moisturizing, Antiaging, Whitening, Multi-Purpose, etc.

Product Form : Liquid