Imex 3/9280

INCI Name : Medium Chain Triglyceride

Product Description : IMEX MCT is made from palm derived caprylic / capric and natural glycerine of vegetable origin. It is a transparent looking clear liquid that is suitably used in multi applications. This is very stable esters due to its fully saturated fatty acid alkyl. It is a universal emollient with good skincare properties. Recommended for bath oils, sunscreen and facial masks. It is a emollient & fat Source in a variety of specialized nutritional products; carrier for flavors, vitamins, essential oils and colors. Is absorbed well by the skin. Imex MCT is also available in 60 / 40 & 70 / 30 variants.

Product Application : Topicals - Emulsifier & Emollients, creams and lotions, Pharmaceutical capsules, soft gelatin capsules, Parentral, Neutraceutical Powders

Product Form : Liquid

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