LPD Eyelasher

INCI Name : Liposomes for Eye Care

Product Description : LPD Eyelasher is a sustained & selective controlled release of natural Nanosystem for Long & dense Eyelashes. LPD Eyelasher is encapsulation of two marine extracts - Laminaria digitata and Pelvetia caniculata in bi-layered phospholipids which has complementary actions for stimulating growth of Eyelashes. The encapsulation of these ingredients helps for prolonged bioavailability, better absorption, penetration, diffusion and stability of the ingredients making LPDs Eye Lasher a powerful active.It Increse the growth of the eyelashes (long eyelashes) and the density of eyelashes. It is recommneded for use in Mascara, Eye Lashes, Kajal etc. Have an in vitro & Vivo data available.

Product Application : Actives - Hair Care - Eye lashes growth

Product Form : Liquid