X50 silhouette

INCI Name : Cosmetic Drone for Cellulite

Product Description : X50 SILHOUETTE encapsulates a fruit extract that downregulates the genes implicated in the differentiation/maturation of adipocytes, including enzymes involved in adipocyte differentiation and growth, key for fat storage.X50 SILHOUETTE integrates drone technology by linking a acetyl cyclohexapeptide to the outer PVA. This peptide has a great affinity for the adipocyte MC4 receptor so that selectively drives the capsule to the target cell, where activates its own internalization by endocytosis and the final release of the encapsulated material (Coccoloba Uvifera Fruit Extract) into the adipocytes cytosol. Have an in vitro & Vivo data available

Product Application : Actives - Body Sculpture - Anti - cellulite, Slimming

Product Form : Liquid Suspension / Powder