Veegum D

INCI Name : Magnesium Aluminum Silicate & Quartz

Product Description : Veegum occurs as off-white to creamy white, odorless, tasteless, soft, slippery small granules. Four types of magnesium aluminum silicate are defined: types IA, IB, IC, and IIA according to their viscosity . Veegum® D is the preferred dentifrice binder because it ensures a stable and short paste or gel, regardless of temperature, with excellent brush stand-up, flavor release and rinse ability. It works synergistically with organic gum binders, allowing the fine-tuning of dentifrice properties with minimal inhibition of fluoride recovery. The incorporation of soluble pyrophosphate with Veegum® D maximizes fluoride bioavailability. Recommended to use in Toothpaste, Dental cream, Dentifrice products etc.

Product Application : Oral Care - Binding Agent, Emulsion Stabilizer, Rheology Modifier, Sensory Feel Enhancer, Suspending Agent

Product Form : Powder