INCI Name : Magnesium Aluminum Silicate

Product Description : Veegum® R is the original and most widely used grade. Veegum® clays are used as nonmigratory binders in tablets, sticks, and pressed cakes. They do not migrate to the product surface during drying, thereby ensuring uniformity and the desired level of hardness, rub - off, and color value. They also function as low-bulk disintegrants in pharmaceutical tablets, particularly in massive tablets where the active ingredient makes up the major weight and bulk of the composition. Veegum® R is available in USP / NF & EP monograph. It is Magnesium Aluminum Silicate of Type IA.

Product Application : Liquid Orals - Organic Thickener Modifiers, Rheology Modifier, Suspending Agent, Taste Masking Topicals - Rheology Modifier, Sensory, Suspending Agent

Product Form : Powder