INCI Name : Barosma Betulina

Product Description : Enlarged pores are one of the worst enemies for a flawless skin texture. One of the causes that leads to their dilation is an excess of sebum production. AFFIPORE™ is a pore refining agent, which through an innovative mechanism, balances sebum secretion and reduces pores in size, volume and diameter. With AFFIPORE™, the skin is oil free and the skin grain is smoothed. AFFIPORE™ is the perfect active against dilated pores and oily skin. AFFIPORE™, through an innovative mechanism, modulates the action of sebocytes to reduce excess sebum, improving all signs of greasy hair and eliminating the oily and shiny look and feel.

Product Application : Actives - Hair Care - Oily Hair Actives - Skin Care - Anti - Acne, Mattifying, Seboregulating

Product Form : Liquid