INCI Name : Potassium Lactate, Buffered Lactic Acid

Product Description : PURAC® BF P/41 is L-Lactic Acid, produced by fermentation from carbohydrates, that has been partially neutralized with potassium hydroxide. It is easy to formulate and is ideal for formulations between pH 4-5. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are versatile ingredients, with effects ranging from hydration to anti-aging. Their actions can be tuned by adjusting the concentration and pH of the formulation. Corbion Purac’s biobased L-Lactic Acid is natural and can be considered ‘the body’s own AHA, since this form is exclusively produced by the metabolic conversion of glucose or glycogen in the body.

Product Application : Actives - Skin Care - Anti - Acne, Anti - Aging, Exfoliating, Lightening

Product Form : Liquid