X50 Myocept

INCI Name : Cosmetic Drone for expression lines

Product Description : Targeting skin neurons for an improves botox-like ingredient. X50 MYOCEPT incorporates IDrone technology by linking a palmitoyl heptapeptide to the outer PVA shell of the X50 Capsule with high affinity for a specific skin neuron receptor. It allows the capsule to specifically direct towards the skin neurons due the specific ligands towards enkephalin receptors specifically expressed in the axons of the neuron. These receptor are delta opioid receptor (enkephalin), a group of G-protein coupled receptors, which are expressed on skin neuron cells and on sensory nerve endings in the skin.Have an in vitro & Vivo data available

Product Application : Actives - Skin Care - Anti - wrinkles

Product Form : Liquid Suspension /Powder