INCI Name : Cosmetic Drone for Skin radiance

Product Description : X50 PHOTOGLOW integrates drone technology by linking a palmitoyl heptapeptide to the outer shell of the X50 Capsules. This peptide has a great affinity for the fibroblast FGF receptor, so that selectively drives the capsule to the target cell, where activates its own internalization by endocytosis and the final release of the encapsulated material (Chlorella Vulgaris Extract) into the fibroblast’s cytosol. X50 PHOTOGLOW is a novel cosmetic active ingredient that boosts cell energy levels for an instant radiant, more luminous skin. Have an in vitro & Vivo data available

Product Application : Actives - Skin Care - Skin Radiance and Skin glow

Product Form : Liquid Suspension / Powder