INCI Name : Ammonium Lactate

Product Description : PURASAL NH / COS is a concentrated solution of the ammonium salt of natural L - Lactic acid, produced by fermentation from biobased carbohydrates. It is especially suited for formulations for extremely dry skin. By normalizing the keratinization process, it restores the stratum corneum to its normal, healthy condition and makes skin look beautiful, soft and smooth again. PURASALĀ® NH/COS, significantly reduces visible skin dryness, roughness and desquamation or flaking. It can be used for treating cracked heels, Xerosis & Ichthyosis, and reducing ashy-look on elbows. Recommended for Creams, Lotions , Shower gels , Face Wash and many more.

Product Application : Actives - Skin Care - Anti - Blemish, Moisturizing

Product Form : Liquid