Vegetable Carrier Oils

INCI Name : Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone

Product Description : There has been various kind of dosage form available in Pharmaceutical formulations. Among this, one is Injectable & Parenteral formulations dosage. Pioma offer wide range of Vegetable & Carrier Oils for the Injectable & Parenteral formulations.

Product Names : Coconut oil refined Ph. Eur, Corn oil refined Ph. Eur, Cotton seed oil refined, Coster oil refined Ph. Eur, Linseed oil virgin Ph. Eur, Peanut (Arachins) oil refined Ph. Eur, Safflower oil refined type I Ph. Eur, sesame oil refined pressed Ph. Eur, Sunflower oil refined Ph. Eur, Sunflower oil High Oleic refined DAC, MCT oil, FCO. Powder