Project Description


L-HPC (Low-Substituted Hydroxypropyl Cellulose) was first approved in 1977 as a disintegrant for pharmaceutical dosage forms in Japan. L-HPC is ranked as the first choice of tablet disintegrant by Japanese pharmaceutical companies. It has excellent compatibility with active ingredients. It disintegrates into smaller particles leading to better dissolution & has anti-capping effect for tableting process. With narrow parameter range Hydrocel range of Cellulose & Polymers have gained excellent feedback from the customers and has excellent performance results.


Application: Disintegrant
Dosage Form: Solid Orals
Cas No: 9004-64-2

Grade/ variant INCI Name
L-HPC LH 11 Low Substituted Hydrxy Propyl Cellulose LH 11
L-HPC LH-21 Low Substituted Hydrxy Propyl Cellulose LH 21