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They are are polyoxyethers of lauryl alcohol. The number in the name indicates the average number of units of ethylene oxide in the molecule. In cosmetics and personal care products, the Laureth ingredients are used in the formulation of a variety of bath, eye, facial, hair, cleansing and sunscreen products. They are also used in cuticle softeners, deodorants and moisturizing products.

Application: Emulsifying, Solubilizing & Cleansing Agent
Dosage Form: Topicals
Cas No: 3055-93-4 or 9002-92-0 or 68439-50-9

Grade/ variant INCI Name
Laureth-2 Laureth
Laureth-3 Laureth
Laureth-4 Laureth
Laureth-5 Laureth
Laureth-23 Laureth