Project Description


It is a natural sugar free sweetener, which has low glycaemic index, no bitter after taste & reduces plaque formation as well. Liquid Maltitol is a clear, viscous, ready to use syrup base for pharmaceutical products like suspensions, syrups, etc.

Maltitol Liquid is a type of ‘Ready to use Syrup Base’ as it is sweetened, viscous & transparent liquid making its application easy in Medicated Syrups, Flavoured Syrups as well as Beverages. The Syrup base a big advantage in reducing the time & efforts spent in production as it is a ready to use product which tastes like Sugar Syrup & is completely transparent. The additional feature is it has a suitable viscosity also for a Medicinal Syrup. Many well-known Brands of Cough Syrups are switching to Maltitol Syrup to enhance the taste of their product also to make them Diabetic friendly.

Maltitol prevents plaque formation & is a natural product is has been widely accepted for products for Children & Pregnant Woman as well. It blends well with flavours and can mask certain unpleasant flavours.


Application:Natural Sugar Free Sweetener, Prevents Cavity, Humectant
Dosage Form: Solid Orals, Liquid Orals, Oral Care
Cas No:585-88-6

Grade/ Variant INCI Name
Maltitol Liquid 80/55 Maltitol Liquid
Maltitol Liquid 75/75 Maltitol Liquid
Maltitol PCS 300 Maltitol (Solid)