Project Description


Methyl cellulose is a chemical compound derived from cellulose. It is sold under a variety of trade names and is used as a thickener and emulsifier in various products. Like cellulose, it is naturally derived, not toxic, and not an allergen. With narrow parameter range Hydrocel range of Cellulose & Polymers have gained excellent feedback from the customers and has excellent performance results.


Application: Thickener, Rheology Modifier, Binder, Lubricant, Film Former, POP Bandage, Suspending Agent
Dosage Form: Solid Orals, Liquid Orals & Topicals
Cas No: 9004-67-5

Grade/ variant INCI Name
Methyl Cellulose 15 cps Methyl Cellulose A15
Methyl Cellulose 400 cps Methyl Cellulose A4C
Methyl Cellulose 4000 cps Methyl Cellulose A4M
Methyl Cellulose 40,000 cps Methyl Cellulose A40M