Project Description


Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) is one of the most versatile of all water soluble colloids. CMC is a natural product derived from cellulose. Wide range of CMC grades can be produced in controlled manufacturing process. It can form viscous solutions in both cold and warm water. We are offering several viscosity grades of Sodium CMC. CMC provides a vast range of properties for many application, enhancing the performance and stability of the final product. It is increasingly finding new users and applications due to its non-hazardous nature and environmentally friendly characteristics.

USP/Ph. Eur

Application: Thickener, Rheology Modifier, Lubricant, Toothpaste, Viscosity Builder, Controlled Release Polymer, Suspending Agent, Film Former
Dosage Form: Opthalmic, Oral Care, Liquid Orals, Topicals, Solid Orals
Cas No: 9004-32-4

Grade/ variant INCI Name
Sodium CMC KDA 8005 Sodium CMC 25 – 60 cps @2%
Sodium CMC KDA 8040 Sodium CMC 30 – 50 cps
Sodium CMC KDA 8150 Sodium CMC 75 – 150 cps
Sodium CMC KDA 8250 Sodium CMC 2000 – 3000 @ 2%
Sodium CMC KDA 8400 Sodium CMC 200 – 400 cps
Sodium CMC KDA 8800 Sodium CMC 500 – 800 cps
Sodium CMC KDA 8M15 Sodium CMC 1000 – 1200 cps
Sodium CMC KDA 8M20 Sodium CMC 1500 – 1800 cps
Sodium CMC KDA 8M25 Sodium CMC 1500 – 2500 cps
Sodium CMC KDA 8M30 Sodium CMC 2200 – 3000 cps
Sodium CMC KDA 8M40 Sodium CMC 3000 – 4000 cps
Sodium CMC KDA 8M80 Sodium CMC 5500 – 8000 cps
Sodium CMC Swift 8Q70 Sodium CMC 5000 – 7000 cps (Super Quick Dispersing Time)