Project Description


It provides excellent emulsion and suspension stability at low use levels. This grade is used in a variety of pharmaceutical products, personal care, animal care, and agri-science applications. Veegum® HV is a taste masking agent for bitter APIs, suspension stabilizer, emulsion optimizer and rheology modifier. It reduces the slippery or sticky feel of gums and polymers, while providing a silky, tack-free feel in topical preparations. This smectite clay is synergistic with common thickeners such as Vanzan® NFC (Xanthan Gum), Biopol® (Carbomers) and Sodium CMC.


US DMF Certified

Application:Taste Masking Agent, Suspension & Emulsion Stabilizer, Disintegrant, Rheology Modifier, Viscosity Booster
Dosage Form:Solid Orals, Liquid Orals, Topicals, Oral Care
Cas No:1302-78-9

Grade/ Variant INCI Name
Veegum® HV Magnesium Aluminium Silicate (NF Type IC)