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Biopol® range of Carbomers are water soluble polymers (Crosslinked Polyacrylic Acid). These are highly safe products as they are Benzene Free and have much higher acceptance for Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care applications in the market. They are used to produce clear & transparent gels, syrups, thicken wide range of products with different viscosities and flow properties, suspend insoluble ingredients, stabilize emulsions and as sustained release polymers for pharmaceutical tablets.

USP/Ph. Eur Compliance

Biopol® has a number of benefits which include:

  • 100% Benzene Free
  • >97% Clarity in Gels
  • Highest Safety Standards
  • Cost Effective
  • Excellent Shelf Life

More Benefits of Biopol®

Application: Thickener, Rheology Modifier, Viscosity Builder, Suspending Agent
Dosage Form: Liquid Orals, Topicals, Oral Care
Cas No: 9003-01-4

Grade/ variant INCI Name
Biopol® 2020 Carbomer
Biopol® 934 Carbomer
Biopol® 940 Carbomer
Biopol® 941 Carbomer
Biopol® 980 NF/USP Carbomer
Biopol® 996 Carbomer
Biopol® Crystal Carbomer
Biopol® 10 Carbomer
Biopol® 20 Carbomer
Biopol® 21 Carbomer
Biopol® 934P NF Carbomer
Biopol® 971 PNF Carbomer
Biopol® 974P NF Carbomer