Project Description


Hypromellose also known as HPMC is a cellulose ether derivative. Hydrocel range of HPMC is a “tailored to perform” range of cellulose ethers having their specifications in line with multiple pharmacopoeia while keeping the results in a narrow range to ensure consistency in batch to batch results is achieved every time. With narrow parameter range Hydrocel range of Cellulose & Polymers have gained excellent feedback from the customers and has excellent performance results.

US DMF Certified


Application: Tablet Coating, Pellet Coating, Binder, Viscosity Builder, Film Former, Veg Capsule, Binder, Eye Drops, POP Bandage, Controlled Release Polymer
Dosage Form: Solid Orals, Liquid Orals, Opthalmic & Topicals
Cas No: 9004-65-3

Grade/ variant INCI Name
Hydrocel E 5 HPMC E5 (5 cps)
Hydrocel E 15 HPMC E15 (15 cps)
Hydrocel LC 4000 Premium HPMC K4M Premium (4000 cps)
Hydrocel LC 15000 Premium HPMC K15M Premium (15000 cps)
Hydrocel LC 100000 Premium HPMC K100M Premium (100000 cps)
Hydrocel LC 200000 Premium HPMC K200M Premium (200000 cps)
Hydrocel AW 3 HPMC E3 (3 cps)
Hydrocel AW 5 HPMC 5 cps
Hydrocel AW 6 HPMC 6 cps
Hydrocel AW 15 HPMC 15 cps
Hydrocel AW 50 HPMC E50 (50 cps)
Hydrocel CW 100 – CR HPMC K 100 LV CR (100 cps)
Hydrocel CW 4000 – CR HPMC K4M CR (4000 cps)
Hydrocel CW 15000 – CR HPMC K15M CR (15000 cps)
Hydrocel CW 100000 – CR HPMC K100M CR (100000 cps)
Hydrocel CW 200000 – CR HPMC K200M CR (200000 cps)
Hydrocel BW 4000 HPMC E4M (4000 cps)