BIOPOL® Benzene free Carbomers for Maximum Clarity and Safety

Biopol® – the real carbomer, is a water soluble crosslinked polyacrylic acid offered as fluffy dry white powder. Carbomers are thickening agents that help control the viscosity and flow of various products. They also help distribute and suspend insoluble solids into liquid, and prevent the oil and liquid parts of a solution from separating. They have the ability to absorb and retain water, and can swell up to 1000 times of their original volume when dispersed in water. Generally, this class of ingredients is used in gel-like formulations because it forms a colloidal, mucilage-like consistency when mixed in water at neutral pH.

Better Clarity and Consistency

Biopol® Carbomers are primarily used as a rheology modifier & thickener especially in formulations that are desired to be made clear and transparent, such as gels. In this regard, Biopol® provides the highest amount of clarity i.e. more than 97%. It has excellent gel strength as well as stability which ensures that the final product formulation is consistent throughout its shelf life. Unlike other Carbomers, it does not drop its viscosity over a period of time. Products made using Biopol® – Carbomers have an exceptionally fine texture which makes the product appealing & attractive, bringing about customer delight and satisfaction.

Biopol® has found acceptance across the globe within the Personal Care, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry due to its multiple benefits including highest safety levels, stability in terms of supply, gives a luxurious feel to the finished product and cost effectiveness making it popular in the industry worldwide.

Synthesized without Benzene for Safety and Health

The Biopol® – Carbomers is a family of Crosslinked Polyacrylic Acid synthesized without using Benzene – a substance that is increasingly restricted for use in Pharmaceutical & Human use applications, as it is harmful on repeated use. In fact it comes under the category of carcinogenic products in several countries.

Exposure to benzene is harmful and can cause neurological symptoms and damage to the immune system. It is a known human carcinogen and is linked to an increased risk of developing various types of cancers.

Instead of benzene, our entire range of carbomers are synthesized in Methylene Chloride within the range of Pharmacopoeia, and we maintain it much below the maximum allowed limit for higher safety levels. This ensures that our product when used in Pharmaceutical products like Syrups, Ointments, Tablets or Dermatological products such as Creams, Lotions, Shampoo to name a few – gives the lowest possible risk of residual solvent & ensures the safety levels are above par so repeated Human use has no risks on the human health.

Biopol - The Real Carbomer

Biopol® is manufactured at our state-of-the-art ISO certified plant in Italy, Europe and is a Pharmacopoeial compliant product – USP/ EP, making it suitable for all applications including Oral Care & Personal Care products.

Types of Grades

There are two grades of Biopol®. The pharmaceutical grades of Biopol® NF/US are used in oral pharmaceutical formulations while Biopol® normal grades are being used in topical personal care formulations.

There are quick dispersing grades as well, which ensure you can make products in less than 10 minutes unlike the usual soaking time required by carbomers of almost 2 hours, and for some even overnight soaking!

Grades Available:

·        Biopol® 934

·        Biopol® 934P NF

·        Biopol® 940 & 980

·        Biopol® 941 & 981

·        Biopol® 971P NF

·        Biopol® 974P NF

·        Biopol® Ultrez 10

·        Biopol® Ultrez 20

·        Biopol® Ultrez 21

·        Biopol® ETD 2020

·        Biopol® Crystal

Advantages of Choosing Biopol®

·        Thickening Efficiency – high viscosities at low concentrations.

·        Uniform Performance – reproducibility unattainable with natural gums.

·        Temperature Stability – only slight effect on mucilage properties after extended heating/cooling.

·        Minimal Residual Solvent – benzene free products with minimal residual solvent

·        Excellent Shelf Life – unaffected by aging.

·        Microbial Resistance – resists bacterial attack and does not support mold growth.

·        Consistent Quality – complete automation in production leading to consistency in product performance.

·        High Clarity – highest level of clarity achieved at lower concentration to produce appealing gels & clear rinse off products.

·        Versatility – although primarily used in aqueous systems with neutralization, it can also be used in solvent systems, with or without neutralization.

Applications of Biopol® – Carbomers

Biopol® has various application in products as rheology modifier, tablet binder, suspension stabilizer, thickener, extended-release polymer, mucoadhesive aid, bioavailability enhancer. Its versatility and ease of use has increased its demand in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Personal Care & Allied Industrial applications worldwide.

Popular applications include Hand Sanitizers, Aloe Vera Gel, Hair Styling Gels, Medicated Gels & Ointments like pain relieving Diclofenac Gel, Adapalene, Povidone Iodine, Clindamycin and many more. It is also used as co-thickener in clear rinse-off products such as Shampoos, Shower Gel, Face Wash, Body Wash. In addition it has found application in Oral Care Tooth Gel as well.

·        Pharmaceutical – Controlled release Tablets, Liquid Orals (Syrup & Suspension), Tablet Binding, Taste Masking Agent for bitter APIs like Ciprofloxacin, Ointments, Medicated Gels.

·        Personal-care & Cosmetic Applications – The hair care application includes Shampoo, Face Wash, Shower Gel, Hair Dye and Colors. Styling products & skin care applications includes Hair Styling Gel, Beard Gel, Creams and Lotions, Sunscreens & more. It is also used in personal hygiene products like Hand Sanitizer & Hand Wash.·

Home Care, Industrial and Institutional (HI&I) – Hard surface cleaners, Dish washing (e.g. automatic dish washing liquid gels.), Hand cleaners (e.g. heavy duty hand cleaners and hydroalcoholic hand sanitizing gels), Fabric Care, Auto Care, Electric Batteries & more.·

Miscellaneous – Solid fuel gels (e.g. gelled ethanol / methanol for cooking and as a fire starter), Alkaline batteries. 

Biopol® polymer is a hygroscopic, fine powder. It is a high molecular weight crosslinked polyacrylic acid. As with other high molecular weight crosslinked polymers, Biopol® demonstrates low toxicity and low irritation (skin and eye) potentials based on their chemical and physical properties. It also exhibits a low degree of aquatic toxicity. It is a polymer that does not support the growth of molds.

Biopol® polymer (mainly in neutralized salt form) will be removed with the biomass during a normal waste-water treatment. Therefore, it is not expected to pass through a typical waste-water treatment to the environment & hence, safe for the ecosystem as well.

Due to its phenomenal clarity & safety levels our Biopol® has garnered tremendous acceptance & demand worldwide through many industries. It has been incorporated in several products of major brands & companies due to its combination offer of Quality & Cost together.

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